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Quality guarantee

We at Riddarfrisören are constantly working to develop and work on customer safety. With us, all hairdressers hold a "gesällbrev" and a hairdresser's license, a certificate of approved Hairdresser training, Riddarfrisören is also a member of Frisörföretagarna. With us, everyone should feel safe and get the best possible service.


Riddarfrisören is a member of Frisörföretagarna. It is Sweden's official industry and employer organization for hairdressers and our membership means both security and a quality guarantee for you as a customer. As a member, you are qualified and have taken the "Gesällbrev" in the hairdressing profession. Since it does not require a permit or certification to become a hairdresser - and anyone can actually call themselves a hairdresser - a membership in Frisörföretagarna is the safest way for you as a customer to know that your hairdresser is trained, qualified and has taken his companion letter.


Holding a Gäsellbrev means that you have passed an approved exam in the profession.

Gesällbrev is Hantverkarnas own quality guarantee. As a customer or hiring company, you can be sure that a craftsman with Gesällbrev is well versed in the profession, which they have shown, among other things, through their Gesällprov.

In order to maintain high quality and timeliness on Gesällbreven, the regulations are made in close consultation with each industry's industry organization. 

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